What we do

At Cultivate Counseling and Wellness LLC, our mission is to provide trauma-informed and multiculturally competent mental health services to the folx in our community. We strive to provide affirming, inclusive, and equitable therapeutic services to the diverse population of the Greater New Orleans area. As an organization, we pledge to actively engage and stay informed about the unique issues that face the communities we serve with specific focus on being actively anti-racist and consistent allies to the LGBTQIA+, Undocumented, and other marginalized communities.

Trauma-Informed Care

Being trauma informed in our treatment means that we always take into account how a client’s past traumas affect their day to day life. This can often manifest in feelings of anxiety, helplessness, and a sense that the world is not safe. These problems can be addressed in expressive talk therapy offered by our clinicians. If you are interested in taking a more active approach, we also offer EMDR. For more information about EMDR, please refer to our “About” section. 

Cultural Competency

We strive to understand the impact of a person’s cultural, sexual, and gender identity on their wellbeing. We view this through the lens of intersectionality and how each individual has a unique set of interlocking identities. The systems in which we live are often harmful to individuals (especially LGBTQ+ and BIPOC folks) based on those identities. We commit to always being open to discuss how these realities might impact your mental health. As a staff, we constantly pursue training to deepen our understanding of this issue and reflect on our privilege. 

Depression and Anxiety

Most people struggle with some form of depression and/or anxiety at some point in their life. We believe that depression and anxiety are normal reactions to the stressors of life. As clinicians, we have extensive experience working with these challenging emotions. We are prepared to sit with these emotions, provide support, and encourage a deeper understanding. This kind of processing will allow you to make necessary change and experience emotional growth. 

Substance Use

We have experience working in substance use treatment. We are prepared to offer long term follow up care to folks interested in maintaining sobriety.