Session Fees

Session Fees

We utilize a sliding scale to determine session fees for clients. The purpose of our sliding scale is to ensure that we are providing equitable and affordable services to folks across the economic spectrum. Below you will find a series of charts with suggested fees corresponding to various household income levels. We recognize that there is no exact formula that determines what each client can afford because income is not the only determining factor. For example, your relationship with money might be negatively affected by being a caregiver, carrying student debt, or having costs related to disability. Additionally, it may be positively affected by your access to intergenerational wealth, privilege, or having financial support from family or partners. We encourage you to keep all of this information in mind as you speak to your therapist about session fees. 

IncomeSession Fee
Under $40,000$50*
$40,000- $60,000$80*
$100,000 and above$150
*Limited availability for low income slots

Relationship Counseling Session Fees

IncomeSession Fee
Under $40,000$75*
$60,000- $100,000$150
$100,000 and above$175

Group Session Fees

Income Session Fee
Under $30,000$10
Above $50,000$30

Conflict Resolution Sessions- $150 flat rate